May Day: On May 1 join a rally for a better Ontario

May Day: Ontario Day of Action

On May 1, workers and communities across Ontario are celebrating our hard-earned victories, reaffirming our commitment to justice, and standing together to fight for the Ontario we deserve.

Join a local event near you!

For decades, successive Ontario governments have put corporate interests ahead of the needs of people in the province. Developers, land speculators, extractive industries, and big corporations have succeeded in tipping the scale of policymaking to line their pockets – through political donations, lobbying, PR campaigns, and revolving-door relationships with decision-makers. 

This corporate agenda has been on full display under Doug Ford. His government has privatized health care, deregulated environmental protection, railroaded progress on climate action, and undermined democracy.   

This May Day, the Council of Canadians stands alongside our labour allies from the Ontario Federation of Labour, community groups, and workers across the province to rally for a better Ontario. We must demonstrate to all parties going into the June 2 provincial election that Ontarians want a government that represents our values, not corporate interests. 

Let’s rally for an Ontario that takes care of one another, invests in affordable and sustainable communities, fights climate change, and strengthens democracy.

Our Ontario chapters will have a table at the May Day actions in Hamilton, London, Peterborough (both Peterborough and Northumberland chapters), Guelph, and Kitchener-Waterloo. Stop by to find out how you can get involved in local campaigns.