📞Say No to Coal – Call Now!


Sample Calling Script

Hi, my name is __________, and I’m calling as a constituent of [your MP/MLA here], to ask you to join me in building a future beyond coal.  

I am committed to continuing to fight to protect our Rockies and rivers and ensuring that no coal mining is allowed to move forward in Alberta’s Eastern Slopes.

The recent decision made by the Joint Review Panel on the proposed Grassy Mountain mine was the right one – and we know that the same reasons for denying permits for Grassy also apply to the other mines proposed in the Rockies. The cultural, environmental, and economic costs of coal mines far outweigh their modest economic benefits.

You will be hearing from me, and thousands of others, as we continue to push back against coal mining in the Rockies and demand protection for these priceless mountains and headwaters. We are counting on you to protect the mountains and all that depends on them, and we will hold you accountable to do so.

“Will you build an Alberta and a Canada beyond coal with us?”